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David Abt is a successful local businessman and farmer in addition to his legal practice and position as Westby City Attorney. He can astutely advise you in all business transactions, from start-up and business formation to business succession planning and even how to minimize estate taxes. When disputes arise, he is a perceptive negotiator and effective litigator.

Contact Abt Swayne Law Office today for legal representation from an area professional. We offer reasonable rates and can arrange payment plans if necessary. In addition to general practice law, Abt Swayne Law Office also specializes in a variety of other fields. 

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Civil lawsuits, also known as torts (originating from the Latin term meaning twist, wrong or harm), are brought on by wrongful conduct and result in personal injury. The injury is typically caused by negligence of another and includes bodily injury or emotional distress, but also incorporates medical and dental accidents (malpractice) and industrial disease causes such as asbestos. Through the years, many of our clients have received a settlement as a result of our help with a personal injury case. We are here through your emotional and physical distress and will help get you what you deserve.

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Most people don't start a relationship with an end in sight. Unfortunately, some relationships come to a close, and our experienced counsel can help you navigate these uncharted waters. We can help with filing for separation, divorce, or to negotiate alimony, child custody or support. This is a difficult time in your life, and we are here to offer support and guidance and to relieve some of the emotion and stress involved.

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Land is a precious commodity, and as with most investments, real estate can bring great rewards but also substantial risks. Abt Swayne Law Office has decades of experience dealing with real estate litigation projects, from acquisition to financing to development and construction. Working with a trusted, expert counsel can help lower your risk. So before you sign a real estate purchase or sale agreement, easement or other legal document, contact Abt Swayne Law Office to ensure you understand your options.

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Abt Swayne Law Office's connection to and passion for the local farming industry runs deep. Attorney David Abt and his family have been been involved in farming in the area for generations. From the law governing the cultivation of various crops to the raising and management of livestock, Abt Swayne Law Office understands the issues and challenges associated with farm law, even as they change. This strong connection to farming and deep appreciation for the industry are what set Abt Swayne Law Office apart from other law firms. If you have an agricultural or farm legal issue, get in touch for a free consultation.


Construction law deals with matters relating to building construction, engineering and related fields, and can affect a variety of participants, including financial institutions, engineers and architects, construction workers, builders, etc. If you have an issue with contracts, negligence, bonds, liens or other construction claims, we will work with you to ensure you have proper representation and that your best interests are taken into consideration. Abt Swayne Law Office brings years of personal construction experience to the table - from hands-on construction work to overseeing commercial and residential projects to years of legal construction litigation experience - we will ensure every angle is taken into account to make your case as strong as possible.

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Civil litigation is when one party brings a lawsuit onto another party. The process involved with civil litigation can be lengthy and costly, as there are so many steps involved and the risk is high. The process typically includes a discovery period after the initial lawsuit is filed. Each party provides the other with documents, witnesses and evidence that each intends to leverage at trial. Information is gathered in the form of depositions, requesting additional documents, answering additional questions, etc. From initial pleadings, to answers and counterclaims, through discovery and pretrial motions, into trials and appeals, Abt Swayne Law Office covers it all. We will ensure you have a speedy litigation process to avoid costly fees.